Sandy’s ‘One Stop’ Bee Farm

I was on my way to the country; with my dog Zai,  to check up on my ‘likkle bush’ this summer. When i randomly came across  another Apiary where the beekeeper was doing something amazing. Ironically the last time i passed this location it was nothing but bush!! I stopped thinking i could find resources that could help my own Bee business; you know bee box for sale or maybe some wax or Queen trading. It was apparent  from the general layout of the property that there was some creativity at work. It looked like more than just a regular bee farm, but what i found was way more than what i expected.

I spun the car around, pulled off the highway and rolled up to a man-shift gate. I got out to look around, when almost out of nowhere a swarthy, portly man walked up, cleared the blockade and beckoned me in. Gladly; i muttered to myself, feeling  immediately welcome. The land was a wide expanse long since reclaimed from swamp in a fast developing region south-east of Falmouth Trelawny. It’s literally 150ft from Highway 2000; the main east-west road link than runs along Jamaica’s north coast. The property had Bee colonies of varying colour, stacked interspersed betwixt newly planted assorted trees and crops, e.g  Gungu and Sorrel to be ready in time for the Christmas season. It was surrounded by thickets of forest, marsh and supposedly there is a lake beyond that. Topped off with lounge areas and a mini Cook-shop/Bar and a skilled guide, the experience is one to remember. This is the story of how i met Sandy Vikers.

Sandy is a second generation beekeeper, who worked for almost three decades in the tourism sector, with Jamaica’s top hoteliers. it was obvious from how he engaged with people stopping by, that he has a certain Zen. He has apiaries all over the area,inherited from his father, but the location In Hague — home of one of Jamaica’s premier farm shows held annually — is prime for tourism. Tours and hotel transport pass by daily, the town receives regular cruise ship visits and the people of the community are warm and welcoming.

Sandy in his genius has decided to fuse his two passions in the creation of Sandy’s Bee Farm, a family friendly Agri-tour business. The idea itself is not new — there’s even  a Crocodile safari tour on the other side of town, Jamaica Swamp Safari village, famous for its scene in James Bond film ‘Live and let Die’ 1973 — but he’s the first to have done it in Jamaica and according to Sandy the entire Caribbean.

It’s also a bold move on his part to glean a fresh lease on life. I anticipate it to be a rich and amazing journey and i plan to keep you, my readers, up to date on the progress of this awesome start-up. But enough of my yammering, checkout the video for full effect…


Zaiiii !!



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