Jamaica to Leagalise Ganja for Tourist

JAMAICA’S  leading body for the regulation of Marijuana; the CLA (Cannabis Licensing Authority), recently announced its plans to make it easier for visitors to the island to use the ‘good sensimilla’. The plan is to place  kiosks in all air and sea ports for the issuing of licences for visitors to purchase and use the herb while on the island.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is currently in the process of drafting the policy for the program, and optimizing the local regulations. The process involves visiting one of these Kiosks after clearing immigration and purchasing a licence to consume the ‘green gold’.

While Jamaica is not the first country to put forward this idea, the hope is to combine a strong tourism product with marijuana. Following the lead of certain US states; such as Colorado and California, Jamaica hopes to monetize ganja though regulation. Colorado earned in the region of US$ 1 billion and collected US$135 million in taxes, from the sale of medical and recreational marijuana last year alone. This system could lead to a significant increase in foreign earnings for the government of Jamaica.

Jamaica decriminalized marijuana in February of 2015. The new law basically allows citizens to posses up to two (2 oz) ounces  of marijuana, and each household to grow up to five (5) plants. Smoking in public spaces is not allowed, and a minor breach of the law is a ticket-able offence.

Visitors who have a ganja licence will get the same protection and will be able to posses and use up to two ounces of the herb. The kiosks are geared towards medical marijuana users with a prescription, however if you don’t have a prescription; not to worry, you can do what the CLA refers to as a ‘self-declare’ and you will be allowed to purchase a licence. The Kiosks are to be staffed by medically trained personnel and they will grant the licences that allow you to carry up to two (2 oz) ounces of marijuana.

Once this law is passed visitors can feel free to get high in Jamaica. Smoke, steam or bake, whatever your preference.