Jamaica Carnival…..Out of many one people

Soca, sun and skin are the main ingredients to the colourful cocktail that is Jamaica  Carnival.








Every year around Christmas time in Jamaica, the whispers of what is to come for the next carnival season begins. When February roles around, the mad rush to reserve costumes, buy boots, make-up appointments and last minute gym memberships commence, LOL.

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By the time Easter arrives, the entire island is fully charged with the sexual energy that carnival is so famous for.


Big trucks with loud speakers and hundreds of revelers pour into the streets of Kingston in the name of fun, friends and freedom.

Men, women and children line the sidewalks to see the spectacle of beauty and elation.

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Women and men of every curve and contour under the sun, adorned in fantastic feathers, gems, glitter and body paint dance in the streets to Soca, Calypso and Dancehall music until the sun sets. Seasoned Soca artist such as, Machel Mantano, Destra, Bunji Garlin and Patrice Roberts; to name a few, marshal the beats and set the pace for liquor soaked, sun baked Soca fans from start to finish. ‘Bumpas’ role and bodies gyrate with no thought of tomorrow.

The Soca season;each year, is expected to kick off with a big blast and this season should be no different. Check bacchanaljamaica.com for              costumes and schedules for the next staging of the event.

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